Do you need assistance with your mental health?

At Bloemendal Clinic in South Africa, we focus on the treatment of a variety of mental health concerns, such as Depression, Anxiety, Mood disorders and burnout to name a few.

We have a psychiatric treatment program designed specifically for the treatment of mental health.

Do you need assistance with substance abuse?

Bloemendal offer a fully licensed detox unit to assist our patients in the medical detox of substances.

We also offer a treatment program specifically for substance abuse and process addictions such as alcohol, illicit drugs, prescribed medication, sex, gambling and gaming to highlight a few

Bloemendal Clinic has a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Psychiatrists, medical doctors (GP), Nurses, Psychologists, Occupational therapists, recovery counsellors, and support staff.

We have created a caring and nurturing environment for our clients and work with an attitude of compassion for their treatment.

Experienced clinical team


Substance Abuse

Dual Diagnosis treatment

What we do

We offer in-patient clinical treatment across three programmes by a team of experienced professionals.

We are registered with the Department of Social Development as an Inpatient Treatment Centre in terms of the Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act. We are also registered with the Department of Health as a Private Health Establishment for Psychiatry and Acute Detoxification.

We offer the following services in terms of our registrations:

  • General psychiatric Programme
  • Addiction Programme
  • Medical Detoxification.

Our treatment is unique in that:

Bloemendal offers treatment in a beautiful and serene setting amongst the lemon trees and surrounding mountain ranges.

Bloemendal does not utilize a one size fits all approach. Clients are assessd case by case and their treatment needs identified by the Clinical team consisting of various HPCSA professionals.

The intense and frequent provision of individual psychotherapy and case management by psychologists is unique in the field of substance abuse treatment and psychiatry. This affords for the treatment to be much more focused on the client’s unique individual needs, which then allows for a treatment plan based on these specific needs.

In addition, for general patients, the psychologists on the team have various specializations and interests, in such areas as specific diagnostic knowledge; emotional regulation difficulties; personality structure and functioning; the authentic self; trauma and more. The psychodynamics and particular vulnerabilities which underlies and maintains the mental health problems can therefore be optimally treated.

The team approach at Bloemendal allows a patient to be treated by professionals across various fields for optimal treatment.


We further encourage clients to engage with a spiritual dimension by offering the possibilities of meditation; walks/ outings in nature; and mindfulness-based approaches.

We have a philosophy of care and nurturing, and emphasize client responsibility and personal growth, as well as the development of self-reliance.

We focus on wholeness and self-discovery, and for clients to reconnect to the meaning in themselves and their lives.