“For years I was wearing a mask, for years I was in my own world full of shame, guilt and sadness. Always having to lie to hide my addiction and I have hurt many people through that, most of all myself. I didn’t know what was right or wrong anymore. I believed my own lies and did everything to be able to afford my addiction.

Thanks to the great counselling and all the lectures about addiction, I now have a different way of handling things. It is an amazing programme that changed my life. I like myself again, have confidence and know that I deserve recovery. It will always stay in my heart and I want to thank all the staff. It was a great experience.”

“I feel so good about the journey I had in treatment. I look forward to my new life and have the confidence that my toolbox is fully equipped to face the challenges of a sober life. The staff at Bloemendal is very very committed, very professional and they never ever give up on you (and believe me I’ve tried…).

They really go beyond their day-to-day job to teach you how to have a sober life and enjoy it.”

“I would like to thank Bloemendal and all its staff for giving me this experience of a lifetime! I don’t think that I can describe in words how the programme has helped me.

The environment, the energy, the care and most important of all the family feeling. I strongly recommend this treatment centre for anyone that’s sick and tired of ruining everything around them and start living the life they were meant to live. Bloemendal will leave a footprint like nothing did before.”

“I found it a very good treatment, I have learned a lot here. The psychologists are very good. It is a beautiful, quiet, safe and protected environment. The house rules seem strict at first but I think it is very good. The counselors are perfect, because you can discuss everything with them, they can mean a lot to you.

Your health is important here and is cared for, such as good food, exercise and rest. I can recommend to other addicts to do treatment here.”

“From what I have heard about addiction treatment, I am of the opinion that Bloemendal Addiction Treatment is the best!!”

“With what I know now and how I feel now, would I have made the decision to come to rehab in Bloemendal? Definitely. I needed time, space, tools, understanding, knowledge and professional and empathic counselling to take back control of my life. What I lost back home is what I found at Bloemendal, my true self. It works if you work it, keep working your worth it!”

“I came here as a very unsure, fragile and scared 29-year-old girl. I knew that there was something wrong with my way of thinking, but I didn’t know how to change it and where it came from. Here I got all the answers and I leave here with my head held high.

Aware and proud of what I accomplished, excited to let the world see that I am a strong and happy person now. Thank you all.”

“I’ve had a great time at Bloemendal. Next to the fact that I’ve learned a lot about myself and my addiction, I was welcomed very warmly by the other clients, with some of them I even made new friendships. I was in the good hands of the therapists

I’ve also seen lots of beautiful areas in South Africa and felt right at home in the accommodation. I came here as a shy boy that lost confidence, but came out as a reborn man, who is looking forward to his life and newly found confidence. Altogether great!”