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Illicit Drugs

Using substances regularly can lead to developing a pattern of problematic use, despite experiencing interference or problems in various life areas (home, family, socially, work, studies, finances and legal problems).

Common substances which can lead to addiction problems include cocaine, cannabis, crystal meth, speed, ecstasy, heroin, LSD, phencyclidine (mushrooms), mandrax, GHB, ketamine and more.

Loss of control over using can be signified by:

  • Using more than planned.
  • Not being able to predict how much you are going to use once you start, or what will happen once you start using.
  • Continuing use despite negative impact on relationships, work, finances or other life areas.
  • Obsessive thinking about how to obtain substances or when it can be used.
  • Cravings or urges to use.
  • Developing tolerance, thus needing to use more of the substance to achieve the same or desired effect.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the substance (for example sweating, high pulse, tremor, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, depressed mood, etc.) when not using